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About Us

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland (APDT Ireland) is a non-profit organisation that promotes the use of force-free and reward based dog training techniques. Established in 2010 we are a of group dog trainers, behaviourists, and veterinary professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their owners.

APDT Ireland offers various educational resources and training programs to dog owners and trainers, including workshops, seminars, and conferences. We also provides a directory of certified trainers who use only positive training methods to help dog owners find qualified professionals to work with.

We are committed to promoting ethical and humane treatment of dogs, and we strive to educate the public about responsible dog ownership. We firmly believe that dogs are important members of the family and that they should be treated with kindness, respect, and patience.

When I'm training a dog, I develop a relationship with that dog.

He's my buddy and I want to make training fun.

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Our Mission

Our Mission

To set a standard of excellence for dog training professionals and to foster the human/canine bond through education and the promotion of reward-based, dog-friendly training methods.


APDT Ireland has created a strict Code of Practice in accordance with our mission statement and State-applied legal requirements. The Code of Practice frames our ethos and objectives and will guide professional members to understand and adhere to a training approach incorporating kind, efficient and ethical dog training practices.


The full code can be obtained here.


Our Vision

Ethical dog training means that no painful or fearful methods of training are used by our members. Your dog's welfare is our top priority. For example no choke chains, electric shock collars, prong collars or harsh punishment are ever used when training with APDT Ireland members. The type of training that is promoted is called positive reinforcement based training. All training that we promote is based on the science of animal learning and up to date theories.

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